Machine Shop Services: Automating the Production Line

Replacing conventional manufacturing equipment with automated machinery requires a significant investment, but the changeover could pay off big time in the end. If you need reasons to consider having a machine shop assist you with automating the production line, below is a list of paybacks that result from automating the production line with the help of machine shop services:

  • Reduced payroll due to staff reduction
  • Fewer production errors resulting in fewer waste pieces
  • Increased production capacity
  • Reduced bottlenecks in the production line
  • Integration of high-tech manufacturing solutions (e.g. CAD software)

Automated production results in increased savings and earnings in different areas. To make the changeover profitable in the short run, though, you will need the guidance of a machine shop that has experience with automated manufacturing. Otherwise, you could invent in the wrong components and end up with a miserable ROI. Below are three types of investments that you should make with the help of the shop:

Automated equipment

The type of equipment you need depends on what you produce. In many cases, a manufacturer can buy ready-made equipment that meets conventional production needs, but there are also situations when equipment must be custom made. Reasons for investing in custom equipment include:

  • The need for machinery that performs a unique task
  • The need for machinery that expedites a certain task
  • The need to improve the safety of a traditional machine

If you need a machine that cannot be purchased ready-made, having it created by a custom machine shop is the best option.

Programmable controllers

Programmable controllers like the Omron CJ1WID211 allow machinists to input data that drives the production line. Not all programmable controllers are made the same, so choosing one that offers the easiest control and synchronizes with the production line is important. Programmable controllers that offer elite speed, compact size, and flexible programming are the most desirable models. A provider of machine shop services will help you choose an input device that meets the needs of your production line.

Automated control software

Once you have the production line in place, you need a software program like Omron CXONEAL01CV4 to automate it. The key is to find software that can be programmed for the needs of the line of production with relative ease. Key features that make this possible include:

  • Structures and arrays
  • Timers and counters
  • Smart input that includes intuitive windows
  • EtherNet/IP setup wizard
  • Position control verification

A provider of solutions for automated production lines will help you choose a program whose features sync with your production needs.


If your production line contains machines that require the constant attention of machinists, swapping them out for automated equipment would bring several benefits, such as increased production capacity, fewer production errors, and the potential to reduce payroll by reducing staff. To make the swap possible, you will need programmable controllers and automated control software.