How Look Great This Summer!

When the Sun is out and it is time for barbeques and picnic with family, you should make sure that you have a few comfortable summer dresses that you can flaunt during these events. This is the time you would be more than happy to stay away from gorgeous dresses. There are so many comfortable summer dress options like strappy dresses, strapless dresses, maxi dresses, floral printed day dresses, etc. Yes! Summer is that time of the year when you are more than happy to go casual.

Who said that casual cannot be stylish! All you need is the right kind of accessories to go with the summer dress. Pick a pair of stylish high heels and completed the look with some light fashion jewellery. These days you can easily get light fashion jewellery made from very colourful, soft and light material like acrylic beads, Czech glass beads, pearls, wooden beads and cool looking shells. These are comfortable to wear fashion jewellery go well with a summer dress.

Cool Sunglasses are another accessory which can glam up your simple support look. The best part is that by using cool sunglasses you can look stylish and gorgeous while protecting your eyes from the harsh summer Sun. These come very handy especially when you hit the beaches. Pick a pair that matches with your outfit. For casual dresses match it up with a pair of bold cool sunglasses, while for clubwear dresses, the decorated framed shades go well.

Make sure you pick a comfortable fabric. Cotton and linen are both very preferred options as they are good at keeping the body cool. During the day time avoid dark colours as it tends to absorb heat faster and takes time to cool. At any cost avoid silk, synthetic or any other heavy fabric. These fabrics do not let the air pass through and so gets warm very quickly. Avoid tight fitting and body hugging dresses. Go baggy! This will enable sweat to dry up and your skin is also able to breathe comfortably.

If you are planning to go outdoors then don’t forget to carry a cap or a hat to protect your face from direct sunlight. If you do not like to wear a head gear then carry an umbrella. It serves the same purpose. These days you get collapsible ones which can be folded into a very small size that can easily fit into your handbag.

Last but not the least comes the makeup. The most important thing you should remember while choosing summer makeup is that it is summer and you will sweat. So go for waterproof make up. Go a little easy on the foundation and keep it to the minimal. Keep the blush light so that it gives a natural look. You can go wild with the eye shadows to add some zing to the overall look. Pick a bright lipstick to get that diva look. Overall you should balance the look with the summer dress or the clubwear dress you have chosen.