Platform Sandals – Favorite Among Those That Want Stability, Comfort and Fashion

The platform sandal is climbing the popularity charts these days, as millions of women across the world hold a high regard for this shoe. Its high heel advantage, high stability and coverage are what attract women to the platform sandal. The platform sandal is considered the best choice for women who want comfort and fashion. The platform is designed with maximum efficiency and it has become more modernized in its look. A thick heel that elongates with a steeper or higher angle as it gets near the heel from the toe is precisely what distinguishes the platform from any other wedge sandal. Whenever you wear platform sandals, your common height increases significantly; the front thick height with a high heel offers stability and comfort and not to mention how sexy they look.

Platform sandals are designed with a mix collection of casual, trendy and formal. The heels are about 3 to 5 inches long. There are several platform sandals varieties that come in medium height. They also come in different fabrics and colors.

One of the most sought after platform sandal is one with a cork soles, wedge style, they are great for spring and summer. They have a more relaxed feel. They are comfortable and lightweight. Casual skirt or dresses could be a stunning match for a platform wedge produced of cork.

There are also the Lucite and plastic heel wedge platforms that are suitable to wear at business events. A business suite or trendy suite can go quite well.

Those with the heel and sole that are made of transparent material, offer elegance and versatility. This style is more for formal wear, so get ready for a night out! You can have fun mixing and matching them with any color of clothing or accessories.

You will also find some varieties made with rubber or wood soles. A good choice could be to match skinny jeans with a great pair of reasonably high wedge platform in fabric or leather.

One fantastic factor about platform sandals is the fact that they’re designed and built to be much more sturdy and long-lasting. They can truly handle any weight size.

Considering the more fashionable decade we are in, the platform sandal is an essential addition to a woman’s closet. Although at a simple glance the platform sandal can prove to be quite intimidating in height, your feet actually feel quite balanced and stable in this shoe. It would be wise to own a pair of these sandals, together with other fashion necessities like black pumps or stilettos.

Shopping these days is just a click-of-button away and you can also get free shipping on most products. Prices offered are generally more competitive online than in physical shops. You can get a much better deal on ladies fashion sandals!